9 thoughts on “[Solved] : vCenter Appliance root Partition 100% full , plus Unable to log in to the root account

  1. I’ve been trying to do this for an hour now but the instructions seem impossible; “2.When the GRUB bootloader appears, press the spacebar to disable autoboot.” – the GRUB bootloader is a flash of a fraction of a nano nanosecond and even if you furiously pounded on the space bar at the speed of light you could still miss it.

    Is there any way to slow this? I added a boot delay inside of ESXi but it doesn’t seem to slow it.


  2. hi hal ,
    yes you are right experience with 6.5 and above are different , Starting with vSphere 6.5, the vCenter Server Appliance is now running VMware’s own Photon OS , before it was running on SLES


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